Understanding Gita – 101

Chapter 4 – JnanaYoga

Shloka  42 – Conclusion


tasmād ajñāna-sambhūtaṁ
hṛt-sthaṁ jñānāsinātmanaḥ
chittvainaṁ saṁśayaṁ yogam
ātiṣṭhottiṣṭha bhārata

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Therefore, the ajnaana(doubts) which has arisen in your heart out of ignorance, slay(chittaivah) this doubt by the weapon(aasina) of jnana(knowledge), by being situated(aathishta) in yoga, and stand up(uttishtah)(fight), O descendant of Bharata!

Situated in yoga and acting in knowledge will not bind one in karma. Now Lord is asking Arjuna to do the same, slay his doubts which have arisen out of ignorance and get up and fight in yoga(as your duty, as a service to me), then you will not be bound by your actions.

This concludes fourth chapter – Jnana Yoga.

Jnana Yoga Conclusion  
In this chapter Lord Krishna starts with how this knowledge has been passed on from Him to Surya and then to the mankind. He tells about nature of soul, reincarnation, reason for his birth, and how his birth is divine compared to others. He talks about demigods giving material results quickly, the four varnas created by him according to the gunas. Then he tells one should drop desire, doership, not working for the sake of karma-phala(results), by pursuing knowledge.

Then he talks about different kinds of yajna, prescribed in the Vedas, one can perform based on their inkling(according to their gunas). Through these yajnas which are born out of karma(actions), one gets purified. Then one can approach a spiritual master, and by doing their seva, and asking right questions to get clarity, one can get knowledge from them. This knowledge will not let one get back to their previous state of moha. This jnaana(knowledge) will help one get out of miseries, even if they are considered to be most sinful of all sinners. One should be dedicated in acquiring knowledge and shouldn’t have any doubts regarding this knowledge.

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Understanding Gita – 100

Chapter 4 – JnanaYoga

Shloka 41


ātmavantaṁ na karmāṇi
nibadhnanti dhanañjaya

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Renouncing karma(doership)(sannyastah karmanaam) through yoga(devotional service to the Lord), cutting(sanchinna) samshaya(doubts) through jnana, situated in the self(aatma-vantam), for that person karma will not be binding, O Dhananjaya!

O conqueror of riches, conquer this also.
The one who has perfected in karma – by dropping the doership(“I am the doer” should be dropped, “He” is the controller), the one who has destroyed all his doubts by knowledge; and who is always situated in the self(focus is always inwards), he will not get entangled in whatever he is doing.

Swamiji – If God is enacting through us, then there is no Karma.

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Understanding Gita – 99

Chapter 4 – JnanaYoga

Shloka 40


ajñaś cāśraddadhānaś ca
saṁśayātmā vinaśyati
nāyaṁ loko ‘sti na paro
na sukhaṁ saṁśayātmanaḥ

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Ignorant(agnah), faithless(ashraddah), and doubtful persons(samshaya-atma) will be destroyed(vinashyathi). Not in this loka, nor in the para loka(other worlds) will the doubtful get any happiness.

When you have faith, dedication towards the scriptures, and when one follows the path they will attain peace as described in the previous verse.

When you don’t have faith, nor dedication, and you are full of doubts, then you will not find peace in life, as one can only be peaceful with knowledge. And knowledge can only be attained by perfecting karma through jnana(action with wisdom).

Out of ignorant, faithless and doubtful, doubtful is the worst.

Swamiji – one who is doubtful, he doubts everything. Even God.

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Understanding Gita – 98

Chapter 4 – JnanaYoga

Shloka 39


śraddhāvāl labhate jñānaṁ
tat-paraḥ saṁyatendriyaḥ
jñānaṁ labdhvā parāṁ śāntim

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

A faithful man(shraddhavaan) achieves knowledge(labhate jnaanam), very much dedicated to the knowledge, by controlling the indriyas(senses). After attaining jnana he will attain paramshanti(ultimate peace) very soon after.

How to achieve jnana – by perfecting yoga.

How to perfect yoga – by faith, by dedication and by controlling the senses.

After attaining knowledge, peace(liberation) follows very soon.

Swamiji – tat parah – hamesha tayar, wohi hamare liye shreshta hai. One should leave their lives to be run by the God, but saadhana we should ourselves do. People instead run their own lives and leave the sadhana to God.

With shradda, achieve knowledge and always be ready to work for it by controlling the indriyas.

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Understanding Gita – 97

Chapter 4 – JnanaYoga

Shloka 38


na hi jñānena sadṛśaṁ
pavitram iha vidyate
tat svayaṁ yoga-saṁsiddhaḥ
kālenātmani vindati

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

In this world there exists nothing as purifying as jnana(knowledge). One who has matured in yoga(devotion) will enjoy this in the course of time.

There is nothing as pure as self knowledge. How will one achieve this state – By perfecting Karma Yoga(service towards Lord). By doing everything for the Lord, one attains self-knowledge.

By doing everything for Lord, we tend to bypass the influence of our mind and do the right thing at every given situation, without acting/reacting based on our emotions. This reduces the baggage which we have been carrying and prevents future baggage which we might create otherwise. We will be purified in the process and the knowledge which is hidden in us(but covered with layers of impurities(?)) will shine through in due course of time.

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Understanding Gita – 96

Chapter 4 – JnanaYoga

Shloka 37


yathaidhāṁsi samiddho ‘gnir
bhasma-sāt kurute ‘rjuna
jñānāgniḥ sarva-karmāṇi
bhasma-sāt kurute tathā

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

O Arjuna, just as firewood turns into ashes in the blazing fire, the fire of knowledge burns all actions similarly.

The knowledge of the Self(Supreme) thus acquired by doing yajna and then from a spiritual guru, will burn all the karmas just like how a fire burns a firewood into ashes. ‘Burn all the karmas’ means it will stop you from creating future karmas, and it will let you sail through the current karma with knowledge.

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Understanding Gita – 95

Chapter 4 – JnanaYoga

Shloka 36


api ced asi pāpebhyaḥ
sarvebhyaḥ pāpa-kṛt-tamaḥ
sarvaṁ jñāna-plavenaiva
vṛjinaṁ santariṣyasi

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Even if you are the greatest sinners(papa-krt-tamah) of all sinners, with the boat of knowledge(jnana-plavena), you will cross(santarisyasi) the ocean of miseries(vrijinam).

Basically why do we suffer? for the lack of knowledge. If we get that knowledge, bigger picture, whatever predicament we are facing, we will pass through it without suffering. In the sense, we know why this predicament has come our way, and accept the situation and move on without reacting. 

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