Understanding Gita – 108

Chapter 5 – Sanyasa Yoga

Shloka 7


yoga-yukto viśuddhātmā
vijitātmā jitendriyaḥ
kurvann api na lipyate

Text Source – “https://prabhupadabooks.com/bg/5/7

One who is engaged in yoga(karma yoga – acting in devotion), whose soul is pure, who has controlled his self and conquered his senses, who sees everything in himself and himself in everybody, will not get entangled although engaged in work.

By practicing karma yoga, working for God, one’s intention behind the karma purifies. You will no longer be doing action for the sake of its results. Hence one’s soul becomes pure. Doing so he would’ve controlled his mind which otherwise would run behind materials possessions and relations. Through controlled mind, indriyas are controlled. With the soul and mind purified you see oneness in all. With such a state even if you perform an action you are not bound by it(you don’t get affected by its results).

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