Understanding Gita – 105

Chapter 5 – Sanyasa Yoga

Shloka 4


sāṅkhya-yogau pṛthag bālāḥ
pravadanti na paṇḍitāḥ
ekam apy āsthitaḥ samyag
ubhayor vindate phalam

Text Source – “https://prabhupadabooks.com/bg/5/4

Only immature(balah) say that sankhya(analytical study) is different(prathak) than yoga(action in devotion), not the learned. By completely(samyak) being situated in one, the result of both can be enjoyed(vindate).   

Jnana Yoga is acting with knowledge. And karma yoga is acting in devotion which will ultimately lead you to knowledge. Even though approach is different, the result is the same – God/self realization. 

When “I” is not there, it’s all Him. Sankhya Yoga is knowing who is this “I”. Karma Yoga is starting with it’s all You, and then that bhava(Love) develops. Both approaches are aimed at getting rid of this “I”.

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