Understanding Gita – 102

Chapter 5 – Sanyasa Yoga

Shloka 1


arjuna uvāca

sannyāsaṁ karmaṇāṁ kṛṣṇa
punar yogaṁ ca śaṁsasi
yac chreya etayor ekaṁ
tan me brūhi su-niścitam

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Arjuna said –
You ask me to renounce all activities, and again you are praising(shamsasi) yoga(karma in devotion). Out of these tell me which one is more beneficial(shreyah), definitely(su-nischitham).

In the previous chapters Lord said for the one who is situated in knowledge, Karma is not necessary(but he still needs to act to show guidance etc). In the last chapter Lord says all karma culminates is jnana. Finally what is good, renouncing or acting in devotion?

Knowledge helps in detaching oneself from worldly possessions and relations. So coming in jnana, Arjuna shouldn’t even have the desire to acquire the kingdom, let alone fight for it. Yet, Lord is asking Arjuna to get up and fight. Which one is better?

Coming to our mundane life, if one decides to pursue spiritual goals, should one just leave their family? In this situation, thinking of an answer is easy. One has to take care of their family first. But what if it is robbing the time which otherwise would’ve been spent on spiritual pursuits? So God says, act as though you are working for me. I think the details will be explained later on.

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