Understanding Gita – 82

Chapter 4 – JnanaYoga

Shloka 22


dvandvātīto vimatsaraḥ
samaḥ siddhāv asiddhau ca
kṛtvāpi na nibadhyate

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

He who is satisfied(santushtah) with gains(labha) which comes out of its own accord(yadrccha), surpassed the duality of likes and dislikes(dvandvatitah), free from envy(vimatsarah), steady(samah) in success(siddhau) and failure(asiddhau), is never affected although he is doing.     

Continuing how to perform karma –

  • one should be satisfied with whatever comes out of its own accord. We often try to fight things that we don’t like, even though it has come our way. That shouldn’t be done. If any gains come our way, we should be satisfied and not want for more. 
  • one should surpass the duality. Things come in duals. Without slim figure there is no meaning for fat figure. Without sadness there is no meaning for happiness. One should surpass this.
  • one should be free from envy – not desiring what other’s have.
  • one should be steady in success and failure – not get excited with success and not get dejected by failures.

Basically one should just sail through whatever situations life throws at you, without getting affected by them. This way, you are not bound by your karmas. 

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