Understanding Gita – 80

Chapter 4 – JnanaYoga

Shloka 20


tyaktvā karma-phalāsaṅgaṁ
nitya-tṛpto nirāśrayaḥ
karmaṇy abhipravṛtto ‘pi
naiva kiñcit karoti saḥ

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Having given up(tyaktva) desire for any karma phala(fruitive results of actions), always satisfied(nitya-truptah) and independent(nisashritah); even though being fully engaged in karma, he does not do anything.

How to attain inaction in action, is told here –

  • giving up attachment for the karma phala, meaning giving up the notion of – I will only perform karma for the sake of the merits, I will not perform my duty because it is inconvenient.
  • Being satisfied – satisfaction is achieved when  one is happy with whatever one has and there is no greed for more or fear of losing.
  • Independent – not taking shelter from anything or anybody for either attaining more or maintaing whatever one has. Taking refuge in God alone. 

Divya  karma phala asangha – accepting anything(good or bad) that comes our way.

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