Understanding Gita – 78

Chapter 4 – JnanaYoga

Shloka 18


karmaṇy akarma yaḥ paśyed
akarmaṇi ca karma yaḥ
sa buddhimān manuṣyeṣu
sa yuktaḥ kṛtsna-karma-kṛt

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

One who sees action in inaction, and inaction in action; he is the intelligent among beings, he is in transcendental position although engaged in all activities.

A person who is engaged in service to the Lord all the time, even though physically inactive, he is mentally with the Lord; that is an action for him. When he is acting in the material world, he is doing it as a service to Lord. So he is not taking any ownership and hence is not bothered about the results of his karma. There he sees inaction, although he is acting. Such a person is an intelligent among human beings and he is always fixed upon Him, although he can be engaged in any activity.   

Swamiji: “krtsna-karma-krt” – He thus now completes the action. Meaning, there are no loose ends which can lead him to additional karma. 

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