Understanding Gita – 67

Chapter 3 – Karma Yoga

Shloka 42 – 43


indriyāi parāy āhur
indriyebhya para mana
manasas tu parā buddhir
yo buddhe paratas tu sa


indriyāīsenses; parāisuperior; āhuis said; indriyebhyamore than the senses; paramsuperior; manathe mind; manasamore than the mind; tualso; parāsuperior; buddhiintelligence; yaone which; buddhemore than the intelligence; paratasuperior; tubut; sahe.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Indriyas are said to be superior. More than Indriyas Manas is superior. Also Buddhih is superior to Manas. One who is superior to buddhih that is him, the soul.

Indriyas(Sense Organs) are superior than the objects(our body, etc). Objects are inert. It is the Indriyas which act upon them. Superior than these Indriyas is the Manas(Mind), which puts these Indriyas into action. More than the Manas, buddhih(Intelligence) is superior, which takes the decision. More than this Buddhih is the Atma(soul).

In the previous verse Sri Krishna tells Arjuna to control the Indriyas. In this verse and the following he is telling how to control them. Lust in seated in these indriya-manas-buddhih. But one should know that soul is superior than all these.



eva buddhe para buddhvā
sastabhyātmānam ātmanā
jahi śatru mahā-bāho
kāma-rūpa durāsadam


evamthus; buddheof intelligence; paramsuperior; buddhvāso knowing; sastabhyaby steadying; ātmānamthe mind; ātmanāby deliberate intelligence; jahiconquer; śatrumthe enemy; mahābāhoO mighty-armed one; kāmarūpamthe form of lust; durāsadamformidable.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Thus so knowing that one is superior than the intelligence, by steadying the mind by intelligence, conquer the formidable enemy in the form of Lust, O Mighty Armed!

Soul is superior than Buddhih(which is superior than Mind and Sense Organs). Now that the intellect knows that it is superior than the mind, it can direct the mind not to act on Indriyas. So when desire or Lust arises, know that you are superior than this and curb your enemy with might.

This concludes the third chapter.

Conclusion – Karma Yoga
In Karma Yoga Lord talks about how to perform Karma, how the actions done for the Lord is different from action done for one’s own desire, what is the cause for desire and how to overcome it. Basically Karma should be done in such a way that one shouldn’t get entangled in the fruits(good or bad) of their Karma. And this is done by purifying the intention behind your actions(performing not for one’s own sensual satisfaction, but as an offering to the Lord), and taking what comes one’s way(good or bad) as his blessings.    

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