Understanding Gita – 66

Chapter 3 – Karma Yoga

Shloka 40 – 41


indriyāi mano buddhir
asyādhiṣṭhānam ucyate
etair vimohayaty ea
jñānam āvtya dehinam


indriyāithe senses; manathe mind; buddhithe intelligence; asya—of the lust; adhiṣṭhānamsitting place; ucyatecalled; etaiby all these; vimohayatibewilders; eaof this; jñānamknowledge; āvtyacovering; dehinamthe embodied.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

The senses, mind and the intelligence are the sitting place for this LUST. By all these it bewilders the embodied by covering the jnana(knowledge).

In the previous verse The Lord said how Lust is the eternal enemy of the wise. Now he is saying where is this Lust seated, so that the wise can be aware and get rid of it.

This Lust is situated in the Indriyas(senses), manah(mind), buddih(intellect).

Divya: Our condition right now is that the Mind has taken over the sense organs and making it dance according to its whims and fancies. If the intellect(discriminating ability) takes over our sense organs we will be in much better shape.



tasmāt tvam indriyāy ādau
niyamya bharatarabha
pāpmāna prajahi hy ena


tasmāttherefore; tvam-you; indriyāisenses; ādauin the beginning; niyamyaby regulating; bharatarabha—O chief amongst the descendants of Bharata; pāpmānamthe great symbol of sin; prajahicurb; hicertainly; enamthis; jñānaknowledge; vijñānascientific knowledge of the pure soul; nāśanamdestroyer.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Therefore you control the senses in the beginning, O Bharatarshabha(a shreshta in Bharatha vamsha). Kill this great sinner who is certainly the destroyer of jnana-vijnana(knowledge of the self and every other knowledge)

Therefore one should control the senses in the beginning, before Lust takes over. This Lust is the destroyer of the knowledge.

Indriyas should be given only regulated freedom. 

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