Understanding Gita – 60

Chapter 3 – Karma Yoga

Shloka 27 – 28


prakte kriyamāāni
guai karmāi sarvaśa
kartāham iti manyate


prakteof material nature; kriyamāāniall being done; guaiby the modes; karmāiactivities; sarvaśaall kinds of; ahakāravimūhabewildered by false ego; ātmāthe spirit soul; kartādoer; ahamI; itithus; manyate—thinks.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

All kinds of activities are done by the modes of nature. Bewildered by the false ego, the spirit soul thinks that he is the doer.

All activities are controlled by the 3 modes of nature – satwa, rajas, tamas. Satwa is the goodness, godliness which is the do-good nature of the beings. Rajas is required for the activities. Tamas is required for the sleep and relaxation. All our activities are controlled by these 3 modes. If we are feeling lousy then the tamas is active. If we are feeling energetic and active, then rajas is active. If we are meditative and calm then satwa is active. But due to the false ego, we end up thinking “I” am doing all these activities.

Point to be noted here – We can fight these, that’s in our control. If we are feeling lousy we can fight it and get active. If our conscience is stopping us from doing something wrong, we can fight it and still go ahead and do something wrong. But feeling is not in our control.
Divya: The aim is to keep the 3 modes in balance.



tattva-vit tu mahā-bāho
guā gueu vartanta
iti matvā na sajjate


tattvavitthe knower of the Absolute Truth; tubut; mahābāhoO mighty-armed one; guakarmaworks under material influence; vibhāgayodifferences; guāsenses; gueuin sense gratification; vartantebeing engaged; itithus; matvāthinking; nanever; sajjatebecomes attached.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

But the knower of the absolute truth, O mighty armed one, knows the difference between guna(senses) and their karma(activity). Thinking that the senses are being engaged in their objects, thus never becomes attached.

But the knower of the absolute truth, knows that by the nature of 3 modes the senses are being engaged in their sense objects and he doesn’t think that “I” did it.

What is sense being engaged in sense object mean?
Instead of “I” am looking at something, the wise man knows that the eyes are looking at something. And he doesn’t build additional data on that, like I like/hate what I am seeing, I have this opinion or that opinion about this object.

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