Understanding Gita – 59

Chapter 3 – Karma Yoga

Shloka 25 – 26


saktā karmay avidvāso
yathā kurvanti bhārata
kuryād vidvās tathāsaktaś
cikīrur loka-sagraham


saktābeing attached; karmaiprescribed duties; avidvāsathe ignorant; yathāas much as; kurvantido it; bhārata—O descendant of Bharata; kuryātmust do; vidvānthe learned; tathāthus; asaktawithout attachment; cikīrudesiring to; lokasagrahamleading the people in general.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Like how the ignorant perform karma being attached to the results; the learned men should perform karma without attachment, desiring to lead people.

Sri Krishna concludes the thought of ‘performing karma to lead others’ in this verse.

Learned men should perform karma without attachment. As how ignorant people perform karma with intensity for the fruits of their karma, learned men should also perform karma with the same intensity, but not desiring the fruits of their labor, but to lead others to do the same.

Here karma performed may be the same, intensity/passion should be the same, only the intention behind the karma has shifted. 



na buddhi-bheda janayed
ajñānā karma-saginām
joayet sarva-karmāi
vidvān yukta samācaran


nado not; buddhibhedamdisrupt the intelligence; janayetdo; ajñānāmof the foolish; karmasagināmattached to fruitive work; joayetdovetailed; sarvaall; karmāiwork; vidvānlearned; yuktaall engaged; samācaranpracticing.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Do not disrupt the intelligence of the foolish who are attached to the fruits of their labor. The learned should perform their actions with enthusiasm and make them attracted towards all activities.

The Lord tells the reason for why the learned should perform karma the way explained in the previous verses.

Learned men should not disturb the mind of people who are attached to their karmas for wrong reasons. They might stop acting all together, and might end up neither working nor praying. Instead the learned men should work with more enthusiasm and make others interested in what they are doing, this way.

Basically Lord is saying lead by example. 

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