Understanding Gita 37

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga

Shloka 51-53


karma-ja buddhi-yuktā hi
phala tyaktvā manīia
pada gacchanty anāmayam


karmajambecause of fruitive activities; buddhiyuktābeing done in devotional service; hicertainly; phalamresults; tyaktvāgiving up; manīiadevotees who are great sages; janmabandhathe bondage of birth and death; vinirmuktā—liberated souls; padamposition; gacchantireach; anāmayamwithout miseries.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Great sages have given up the karma-phala by doing karma in Buddhi Yoga(devotion). This way becoming free from the bondage of birth and death, they reach a state beyond all miseries.

Continuing thought from the previous verse, when one performs activities in buddhi yoga, giving up the desire for karma-phala and doing any activity to serve only the Lord, he not only gets rid of his karma-phala, but he’ll also be freed from the cycle of birth and death. And they reach to a position where they are beyond all miseries(going back to God’s abode).



yadā te moha-kalila
buddhir vyatitariyati
tadā gantāsi nirveda
śrotavyasya śrutasya ca


yadāwhen; teyour; mohaillusory; kalilamdense forest; buddhitranscendental service with intelligence; vyatitariyatisurpasses; tadāat that time; gantāsiyou shall go; nirvedamcallousness; śrotavyasyaall that is to be heard; śrutasyaall that is already heard; caalso.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

When your buddhih(intelligence) surpasses this dense forest of moha(illusion), then you shall be callous to all that is to be heard and all that is already heard.

Continuing thought from the previous verse, when you perform your duty in Buddhih Yoga(with devotion to Lord), then you shall surpass this dense forest of Moha. We are surrounded by illusion, we are driven by desire. When we train our mind to perform every activity for the Lord, we surpass this illusion. And from there onwards we become indifferent to what is being heard so far(what the Lord said all this while) and what is going to be heard(what the Lord will say later in the Gita). When you surpass this moha, then one is immersed in so much Bhakthi, that one doesn’t care about the scriptures nor customs or religion.


śruti-vipratipannā te
yadā sthāsyati niścalā
samādhāv acalā buddhis
tadā yogam avāpsyasi


śrutiVedic revelation; vipratipannāwithout being influenced by the fruitive results of the Vedas; teyour; yadāwhen; sthāsyatiremains; niścalāunmoved; samādhauin transcendental consciousness, or Kṛṣṇa consciousness; acalāunflinching; buddhiintelligence; tadāat that time; yogamself-realization; avāpsyasiyou will achieve.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

When you are no longer get carried away from the fruitive results of the vedas,  and when you remain in the samadhi(resting in the Lord), then you will achieve yoga(self realization).

Continuing from the previous verses, when one thus does every karma in buddhih yoga,  he will no longer get carried away with the material benefits one gets form the Vedas(Shruthi). His mind will remain in the Lord. That’s when one achieves self-realization.

To summarize, instead of going behind material benefits(which is very low compared to God-realization), if one should instead focus on devotion towards Lord, his mind will be undisturbed and hence he will achieve self-realization, taking him out of birth-death cycle and beyond these miseries.

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