Understanding Gita – 32

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga

Shloka 45-46


trai-guya-viayā vedā
nistrai-guyo bhavārjuna
nirdvandvo nitya-sattva-stho
niryoga-kema ātmavān


traiguyapertaining to the three modes of material nature; viayāon the subject matter; vedāVedic literatures; nistraiguyain a pure state of spiritual existence; bhavabe; arjuna-O Arjuna; nirdvandvafree from the pains of opposites; nityasattvasthaever remaining in sattva (goodness); niryogakemafree from (the thought of) acquisition and preservation; ātmavānestablished in the Self.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Vedas deal with 3 modes of material nature. Get over them O Arjuna! Be established in the self getting rid of dwandwa(confusion from dealing with the opposites), remaining in the satva(goodness) and by being free from yoga-kshema(acquisition-protection).

There are 3 gunas(modes) of material nature namely – satva(pure, godly), rajas(desire oriented) and tamo(inactivity, laziness) guna. Vedas supposedly deal with elevating one from these. One needs to grow beyond these by trying to remain in satva, getting rid of the pains from the opposites like sukha-dukha, sheeta-ushna, and by getting rid of thoughts pertaining to acquiring things and maintaining things…

If you sit and watch your thoughts, you’ll see it’s either about acquiring things, maintaining things, or about sukha-dukha… One needs to put effort in getting rid of these(through vedas probably) and try to establish oneself in satva guna(right thinking) always. 



yāvān artha udapāne
sarvata samplutodake
tāvān sarveu vedeu
brāhmaasya vijānata


yāvānall that; arthais meant; udapānein a well of water; sarvatain all respects; samplutaudakein a great reservoir of water; tāvānsimilarly; sarveuin all; vedeuVedic literatures; brāhmaasyaof the man who knows the Supreme Brahman; vijānataof one who is in complete knowledge.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

All that can be served by a small well of water can be served by a great reservoir of water. Similarly, the one who is a Brahmana(knows about Brahman), is in complete knowledge of the Vedas.

When you have a big reservoir of water, a small well is useless. The material results given by the Vedas, is like a small well of water. Knowing the supreme is like finding a big reservoir, then these material results don’t even matter.

It’s like you seeking a small piece of gold, when you can have the whole gold mine.

So according to this shloka aim for higher(knowledge of paramatma), don’t aim for the material comforts. Ask God for the knowledge of paramatma, rather than car, money, getting rid of your pains, etc 🙂

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