Understanding Gita – 28

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga

Shloka 35-36


bhayād raād uparata
masyante tvā mahā-rathā
yeā ca tva bahu-mato
bhūtvā yāsyasi lāghavam


bhayātout of fear; raātfrom the battlefield; uparatamceased; masyantewill consider; tvāmunto you; mahārathāthe great generals; yeāmof those who; caalso; tvamyou; bahumatain great estimation; bhūtvāwill become; yāsyasiwill go; lāghavamdecreased in value.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

The great generals, who keep you in great estimation, will think that you ran from the battlefield out of fear, and your value will decrease.

When someone worthy is looking up to you, you feel good, and you don’t want to lose your value in front of them. Sri Krishna is using the same technique and telling Arjuna that all the maharathas(great generals) who respect you will also lose their respect for you thinking you ran away from the battle out of fear.



avācya-vādāś ca bahūn
vadiyanti tavāhitā
nindantas tava sāmarthya
tato dukhatara nu kim


avācyaunkind; vādānfabricated words; caalso; bahūnmany; vadiyantiwill say; tavayour; ahitāenemies; nindantawhile vilifying; tavayour; sāmarthyamability; tatathereafter; dukhatarammore painful; nuof course; kimwhat is there.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Your enemies will say many unkind and fabricated words. They will criticize your ability. Thereafter what could be more painful for you.

Duryodana really wronged Pandavas is many ways. Arjuna is trying to be compassionate towards them. Sri Krishna is saying the same people who you don’t want to kill will mock at your abilities with unkind and fabricated words. What could be more painful for you?

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