Understanding Gita – 27

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga

Shloka 33-34


atha cet tvam ima dharmya
sagrāma na kariyasi
tata sva-dharma kīrti ca
hitvā pāpam avāpsyasi


athatherefore; cetif; tvamyou; imamthis; dharmyamreligious duty; sagrāmamfighting; nado not; kariyasiperform; tatathen; svadharmamyour religious duty; kīrtim-—reputation; caalso; hitvālosing; pāpamsinful reaction; avāpsyasido gain.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

Also if you do not engage in this religious duty of fighting, then you will incur sins for not doing your duties and you will also lose your reputation.

Sri Krishna is telling him that not only the opportunity has presented itself in front of you for going to Swarga, but if you neglect your duties(of fighting) you will incur sin and also lose your reputation. Arjuna was a famous warrior. Sri Krishna is telling him that he will lose his reputation also.



akīrti cāpi bhūtāni
kathayiyanti te ‘vyayām
sambhāvitasya cākīrtir
maraād atiricyate


akīrtiminfamy; caalso; apiover and above; bhūtāniall people; kathayiyantiwill speak; te-of you; avyayāmforever; sambhāvitasyafor a respectable man; caalso; akīrtiill fame; maraātthan death; atiricyatebecomes more than.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

All people will speak of your infamy forever over and above, for a sambhavita(respectable man), infamy is worse than death.

Sri Krishna is telling Arjuna that your infamy will be mocked by people forever. For a respectable man like you, infamy is worse than death. Sri Krishna is indirectly telling Arjuna that it is better to die in the battle than getting this infamy of running away from your duties.

Lord Krishna is taking a holistic approach now and telling what can happen in every possible way. All this while he was talking about soul and how there is no death, etc. Now, he has gotten down to mundane things like fame and name.

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