Understanding Gita – 23

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga

Shlokas 23-25


naina chindanti śastrāi
naina dahati pāvaka
na caina kledayanty āp
na śoayati māruta


nanever; enamunto this soul; chindantican cut into pieces; śastrāiall weapons; nanever; enamunto this soul; dahatiburns; pāvakafire; nanever; caalso; enamunto this soul; kledayantimoistens; āpa —water; nanever; śoayatidries; mārutawind.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

The soul can never be cut into pieces by any weapon, nor burnt by fire, nor moistened by water, nor dry up by wind. 


acchedyo ‘yam adāhyo ‘yam
akledyo ‘śoya eva ca
nitya sarva-gata sthāur
acalo ‘ya sanātana


acchedyaunbreakable; ayamthis soul; adāhyacannot be burned; ayamthis soul; akledyainsoluble; aśoyacannot be dried; evacertainly; caand; nityaeverlasting; sarvagataall-pervading; sthāuunchangeable; acalaimmovable; ayamthis soul; sanātanaeternally the same.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

This soul who is certainly unbreakable, cannot be burnt, insoluble, and cannot be dried, is also everlasting, all-pervading, unchangeable, immovable and eternally the same.


avyakto ‘yam acintyo ‘yam
avikāryo ‘yam ucyate
tasmād eva viditvaina
nānuśocitum arhasi


avyaktainvisible; ayamthis soul; acintyainconceivable; ayamthis soul; avikāryaunchangeable; ayamthis soul; ucyateis said; tasmāttherefore; evamlike this; viditvāknowing it well; enamthis soul; nado not; anuśocitummay lament over; arhasiyou deserve.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

This soul is said to be invisible, inconceivable, unchangeable. Therefore knowing this soul well, it does not deserve to be lamented upon.

In the above three verses the characteristics of the soul are described – as the one which cannot be cut into pieces, burnt by fire, wet by water and dried by air because it is all pervading, unchangeable, immovable and always remains the same.

The soul is everywhere, he does not change as time progresses, he does not move and is always the same. He is untouchable. He is invisible, inconceivable, and doesn’t change form.

How can you kill something which has the above characteristics. Knowing this soul well like this, do not lament over the soul, as it cannot be killed. And the body which is being killed is just like an inert garment. 

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