Understanding Gita – 15

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga


ya hi na vyathayanty ete
purua puruarabha
sama-dukha-sukha dhīra
so ‘mtatvāya kalpate


yamone who; hicertainly; nanever; vyathayantiare distressing; eteall these; puruamto a person; puruarabhais best among men; samaunaltered; dukhadistress; sukhamhappiness; dhīrampatient; sahe; amtatvāyafor liberation; kalpateis considered eligible.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

O best among men, the one who is sama(not disturbed) in sukha-dukha(happiness and distress) he is eligible for liberation.

If we somehow(?) train our mind to stay balanced in both sukha and dukha we will be best among men and then we are eligible for liberation. So we should train our mind to remain balanced.

The million dollar question is how to stay balanced?

Again it is easy to remind ourselves not to get excited with happiness. It is easy to accept happiness as god’s grace.

But what about dukha? can we equally think of it as God’s grace as well?

Life always makes sense looking backwards. Whatever we have endured, makes perfect sense looking back. Everything somehow seems to have fallen in place. May be we have to remind ourselves that the present difficulty will also make perfect sense sometime in the future.

Once we go to a state where sukha or dukha doesn’t matter anymore.. then we are eligible to be taken out of this birth-death cycle. I think every situation has something for us to learn. Once we learn that, then we no longer get carried away by the situation, good or bad. Until then we fear the worst and revel in the best. May be focus should be on finding what it is that we need to learn form the situation.

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