Understanding Gita 12

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga


na tv evāha jātu nāsa
na tva neme janādhipā
na caiva na bhaviyāma
sarve vayam ata param


nanever; tubut; evacertainly; ahamI; jātubecome; nanever; āsamexisted; nait is not so; tvamyourself; nanot; imeall these; janādhipākings; nanever; caalso; evacertainly; nanot like that; bhaviyāmashall exist; sarveall of us; vayamwe; ata param—hereafter.

Above text and translation is from – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg”

Never was there a time when I, you, these kings never existed. Nor there will come a time when we shall cease to exist.

We always exist. We were present before(our birth), we will be present in the future(after our death). So there is no need to lament on something which will continue to exist even after this body perishes.

Continuing the thought from the previous verse, may be that’s why learned men don’t lament on the living or the dead, because they know that we always exist irrespective of our body. 

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