Understanding Gita – 8

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga


na hi prapaśyāmi mamāpanudyād

yac chokam ucchoaam indriyāām

avāpya bhūmāv asapatnam ddha

rājya surāām api cādhipatyam


nado not; hicertainly; prapaśyāmiI see; mamamy; apanudyātthey can drive away; yatthat; śokamlamentation; ucchoaamdrying up; indriyāāmof the senses; avāpyaachieving; bhūmauon the earth; asapatnamwithout rival; ddhamprosperous; rājyamkingdom; surāāmof the demigods; apieven; caalso; ādhipatyamsupremacy.

Above Text – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg”

My senses are drying up, I am not able to drive away this lamentation, even if I get the supremacy of an unrivaled prosperous kingdom.

What we think gives us happiness? power, money, health, relationships?

I think it’s peace of mind.. and when you are in trouble the first thing the takes a toss is your peace of mind… I think it takes maturity to maintain your peace of mind even in adverse situations… Arjuna’s was feeling this great sorrow.. He tells the Lord that no amount of material wealth, which he would get if he won the war, would drive away this lamentation he is feeling.

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