Understanding Gita – 7

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga




pcchāmi tvā dharma-sammūha-cetā

yac chreya syān niścita brūhi tan me

śiyas te ‘ha śādhi mā tvā prapannam


kārpayamiserly; doa—weakness; upahatabeing inflicted by; svabhāvacharacteristics; pcchāmiI am asking; tvāmunto You; dharmareligion; sahabewildered; cetāin heart; yatwhat; śreyaall-good; syātmay be; niścitamconfidently; brūhitell; tatthat; me—unto me; śiyadisciple; teYour; ahamI am; śādhijust instruct; māmme; tvāmunto You; prapannamsurrendered.

Text Source – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg

I am confused, I am giving into my weakness. I surrender to you. Take me as your disciple. Tell me what is best for me.

Bewildered Arjuna, surrenders unto Krishna and pleads him to direct him. Arjuna knows what he is feeling is not fit for him, yet he doesn’t want to face the situation which he is in right now. He surrenders to Krishna, he no longer treats him as his cousin/friend. He wants Krishna to direct him.

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