Understanding Gita – 6

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga


na caitad vidma kataran no garīyo

yad vā jayema yadi vā no jayeyu

yān eva hatvā na jijīviāmas

te ‘vasthitā pramukhe dhārtarāṣṭ


nanor; caalso; etatthis; vidmado know; kataratwhich; naus; garīyabetter; yatwhat; either; jayemaconquer us; yadiif; or; naus; jayeyuconquer; yānthose; evacertainly; hatvāby killing; nanever; jijīviāmawant to live; teall of them; avasthitāare situated; pramukhein the front; dhārtarāṣṭthe sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra.

Above text and translation is from – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg”

I don’t know which is better to conquer or to be conquered. By killing them I wouldn’t want to live, yet the sons of Dhritarashtra are standing before us.

Arjuna was in a situation where none of the outcome of the war would be favorable to him. He was sure though, that by killing them he wouldn’t live a peaceful life.

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