Understanding Gita – 4

Second episode/adhyaya – Sankhya yoga


śrī-bhagavān uvāca

kutas tvā kaśmalam ida

viame samupasthitam

anārya-juṣṭam asvargyam

akīrti-karam arjuna


śrī bhagavān uvācathe Supreme Personality of Godhead said; kutawherefrom; tvāunto you; kaśmalamdirtiness; idamthis lamentation; viamethis hour of crisis; samupasthitamarrived; anāryapersons who do not know the value of life; juṣṭampracticed by; asvargyamthat which does not lead to higher planets; akīrtiinfamy; karamthe cause of; arjunaO Arjuna.

Above text and translation is from – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg”

Sri Bhagavan Uvacha –

Oh Arjuna! how come during the time of crisis these impurities have come upon you? They are fit for a person who does not know the value of life. These will lead you to infamy and will stop you from going to Swarga.

Sri Krishna, is not sweet talking to Arjuna. He doesn’t say – I understand you; oh! poor you; I take pity at your condition…

He is saying what has come upon you? why are you talking like an “anarya”(a person who doesn’t know his duties/purpose)? These kind of words doesn’t suit you.. these thoughts are neither rewarding(swarga), nor will bring you any fame.


klaibya mā sma gama pārtha

naitat tvayy upapadyate

kudra hdaya-daurbalya

tyaktvottiṣṭha parantapa


klaibyamimpotence; do not; smatake it; gamago in; pārthaO son of Pṛthā; nanever; etatlike this; tvayiunto you; upapadyateis befitting; kudramvery little; hdayaheart; daurbalyamweakness; tyaktvāgiving up; uttiṣṭhaget up; parantapaO chastiser of the enemies.

Above text and translation is from – “http://prabhupadabooks.com/bg”

Oh Partha(son of Prtha)! do not yield to this impotence. This is not befitting you. Let go of this weakness of heart and arise oh Parantapa!

Sri Krishna is now scolding Arjuna :)…. Don’t yield to impotence!

Here Arjuna is addressed as Partha, in the context that what you are doing is not befitting to you or your father(clan/Kshathriya).

There are people who are weak and people who are strong. If you scold like this to somebody who is weak, he might go further into his shell and become weaker. But  by calling him parantapa(who causes stir in enemies), may be SriKrishna is acknowledging his strength and then asking him to let go of his “hrudaya dourbalya”(weakness).

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