Understanding Gita – 2

First Chapter – Arjuna Vishada Yoga

In the first chapter Arjuna Vishada Yoga, Arjuna arrogantly asks his Charioteer Sri Krishna to take him and show him the people with whom he has to fight. Krishna takes him in front of Bhishma, Drona and other elders of the family whom Arjuna respects and reveres. Now suddenly Arjuna is engulfed with moha for his family members(very understandable) and he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He is okay with giving away his kingdom, etc. To me what Arjuna says makes perfect sense. What is he going to gain by killing his own family members?  A piece of land? This is very much against the ideology South Indian movies(Dr. Raj, Rajnikant, etc) preached, which I grew up watching :). Sacrifice is the ultimate goodness(remember Bangarada Manushya??). Aren’t we all supposed to be wanting to give and give till we have nothing to give? What about “daana” (charity) that kings like Bali, Harishchandra did? Karna also is known for his charity. Why were they praised? They were ready to give away their kingdom, why not Pandavas? When is it okay to give and when is it not okay? Agreed, Kings and queens have to consider their subjects interests too. But could he really do justice as a King when he is unhappy losing all his family and friends? Isn’t it better to go and live the life of a common man with your family and children alive and around, helping others(like they did during their exile)? And trust God to protect the kingdom, somehow? I suspect what we were brain washed as kids to think about God, is going to be seriously questioned as I continue reading Gita. Let’s see..

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